Radu Schirliu

Radu Schirliu

Software Engineering Student at University of Calgary
Software Engineering Intern at Garmin

I began programming around the age of 13 and have loved everything computer-related ever since. I started out with modding games like Minecraft & Garry’s Mod, and I am now pursuing a career in Software Engineering!

I’m incredibly passionate about learning - spending the majority of my free time doing hackathons or working on side projects to help diversify my skills (with a current focus on learning Go and making an NES emulator). I have also recently discovered my love for teaching through volunteering with high school students to help them learn to code.

I am always open to pursuing new opportunities and projects! Feel free to connect or reach out for a coffee chat - I also love meeting new people :)



Jul 2018 - Present, Calgary, Canada


May 2021 - Present

  • Working in C and C++ with Bluetooth Low Energy and embedded systems
Junior Full Stack Developer

Jul 2018 - May 2021

  • Connected 35K+ professionals andfacilitated $5M+ in jobsthrough the development of hybrid React and Angular web apps
  • Spearheaded migration of 27K+ users from a legacy application to new platform and reduced server costs by 30%
  • Slashed response time by over 50% on Node.js backend by overhauling SQL queries and media upload process
  • Boosted user engagement by over 15% by incorporating a video chat platform within the web app


Python, Django, TypeScript, React

Won second place at CalgaryHacks 2021 by developing a full stack web app that puts an innovative twist on planning a date night for couples

Python, Django, TypeScript, React

Created a cross-platform emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System, supporting all 135 CPU opcodes

Application Tracking System
C#, Asp.NET, SQL, React, TypeScript, HTML/CSS

Developed a full stack web app for displaying jobs and tracking job applications, simplifying the job search process

Chip-8 Emulator

Built an emulator and memory debugger for the Chip-8 video programming language, working on 20+ games

Youtube Sentiment Analysis
Python, Flask, Redis, TypeScript, React

Deployed a web app to visualize the sentiments portrayed by the 200 most popular comments of a YouTube channel

WebSocket Calculator
TypeScript, React, Node.js

Developed a calculator web app that syncs history in real time with all users

Mandelbrot Renderer
C++, OpenGL, GLFW

Created a cross-platform Mandelbrot renderer, allowing you to customize drawing iteration count and zoom level

Simple URL Shortener
TypeScript, React, Go, PostgreSQL

Created a REST API to uniquely shorten URLs and connected it to a React frontend